WordPress vs. Blogger

I’ve only been doing this for a few hours. It’s too early to tell.

One thing that attracted me to WordPress was the built-in statistics. Not that counting up traffic is what this is all about, because it isn’t.

Right out of the box, I’m not super-impressed by the pre-canned blog “themes” in WordPress. I assumed there would be more. I’m sure there’s a way to tweak or overhaul them; I just don’t know how to do it yet.

All my Blogger blogs are so old, I don’t have the “new” templates that supposedly can be changed easily. I never explored that “improvement” in Blogger because a) I haven’t been on Blogger all that much, and b) I know that doing so will wipe out my blogrolls. The latter isn’t so important anymore, as the blogrolls are pretty old and out of date. I just converted one of my Blogger blogs to the “new” template format, and all looks pretty good. As far as Blogger goes, I didn’t see anything new in terms of blog design, and I haven’t looked at templates in more than a year. At least WordPress appears to be coming up with new templates.

The WordPress interface is, in a word, different. I’m used to Blogger (and, sadly, Movable Type), but I’ll keep on going with WordPress and have more to say at a later date.


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