KDE showdown: Slackware vs. Debian

After not being in love with Debian Etch under KDE, I wanted to boot into Slackware to see if it was just me.

It’s not just me.

Since I never ran Debian with KDE before (nor had I run Slackware 12 in GNOME, with such an install being way beyond my capability at this time), I was surprised to see KDE running so much better in Slackware. I knew that Slack was quicker at just about everything than most distros out there, but I had no idea that it was so much quicker than Debian as well.

At this point, and on this slower-than-average box — the VIA C3 Samuel-based converted Maxspeed Maxterm thin client (256 MB of RAM) — I wouldn’t run KDE on anything but Slackware.

But … Slackware with KDE compares very nicely to Debian with GNOME. Makes me wonder how Slack would run with GNOME …



  1. Try Sidux, it seems to run much faster than my other Debian distros, KDE or GNOME, almost equal to Zenwalk XFCE.

  2. If you want to try Gnome of Slackware, go to droplinegnome.net, download the installer, run it, sit back and have a coffee. It’s entirely automatic. It’s also the prettiest gnome, if not the prettiest out-of-the-box desktop for all of Linux, for my money. Of course, I haven’t used it in a year or so, but I had it installed for about three years and used it frequently. Gnome is not the fastest desktop, but on Slackware it is nice.

  3. I will have to try Dropline GNOME. Looks like it’s in the pre-release stage.

    I’ve had enough issues with apt in the past few days — the klunkiness of how it works with KPackage, not being able to get digiKam into my Ubuntu 7.04 box with Ubuntu’s Add/Del software utility — that I’m beginning to appreciate the relative simplicity of Slack’s pkgtool more and more.

    Now if only I could figure out why I can install Slackware/Vector/Zenwalk on my Gateway Solo 1450 laptop but can’t boot it afterward. It’s not X-related because I can’t even get to a console login (default for Slackware anyway). It must be PCMCIA or SCSI related. I’ll have to try passing some boot parameters to knock out those services when I configure LILO (and I should learn how LILO works … coming from so many Debian and Ubuntu installs, I pretty much use GRUB).

    That said, I know that GRUB and the utility to set it up are on the third Slackware disc, but I’d like to be able to choose GRUB or LILO during the initial install …

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