WordPress.com and Firefox 3.6.17 for Mac PowerPC

I’ve heard reports from a very reliable source on trouble with the latest rendition of WordPress.com and Firefox 3.6.17 for Mac PowerPC.

The trouble concerned the Javascripty popups used to insert links and images.

Yesterday they didn’t work.

Today they do.

Problem solved, it appears.


I changed themes — that’s what happens when you don’t log into WordPress.com for a year

WordPress.com is a very nice service. I haven’t been on here in many, many months.

So when I do get in the interface, I tend to want to change things for change’s sake. Hence the new theme.

Is WordPress.com leaving Firefox 3.x (even 3.6.x) behind?

Last time I looked, even though Mozilla didn’t seem totally in love with supporting Firefox 3.6.x, they still were. But it looks like WordPress.com, the Automattic-hosted mega-blogging service, was intent on leaving FF 3.x behind.

At least that’s the way it looks right now in Firefox 3.6.x for PowerPC Mac. Running TenFourFox — the Firefox 4.x code built for PowerPC Macintosh — seems to help.